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I have a list of about 700 users with information that i'd like to import into virtuemart but really don't see a way how. I can import them to joomla but that doesnt register with the virtuemart user table. Is there a way to import a list of users and information directly into virtuemart? I found a tool such as CSVI but you can only import items like user details etc. which isnt users. HELP!

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I found one forum with what appears to be a solution. Source: http://pc-prog.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4

DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL COMPONENT MODULE - USERPORT http://extensions.joomla.org/component/option,com_mtree/task,writereview/link_id,5430/Itemid,35/

!!! If there is a problem to install direct on the web !!!

1) Install on localhost "c:\xampp...

2) Copy files "c:\xampp\htdocs\your_project\administrator\components\com_userport" - via ftp (Tip: check files with current date)

3) Update Joomla db - table jos_components (TP: see attached XLS, sheet "1_InsertInto_jos_components"


Administrator / Components / userport

1) Set parameters (e.g. fields separator: vertical bar) !!! e-mail adresses must be Unique

2) Copy / Paste users – and run “Add and Update”

3) Check VirtueMart - Users tables: t: _users, _vm_user_info, _vm_shopper_vendor_xref (via _vm_shopper_group)

*main user table: jos_users. *shopper groups table: jos_vm_shopper_group (the shopper_group_id column). *glue that holds them together: the jos_vm_shopper_vendor_xref.

???: Main problem: How to generate "user_info_id" From the source code, this field is: md5( uniqid(_VIRTUEMART_SECRET ))


0)Update db - tbl "Components" (when userport must be installed on localhost ) see attached XLS, sheet "1_InsertInto_jos_components"

1) Prepare user list in Excel, !!! – check, if e-mail addresses are unique !!! – password should be min 5 characters

2) Joomla Administrator / Components / userport / Add&Update !!! Set parameters first from sheet "2_CustomerList ", clm "CSV_list" / Copy-Paste data into userport

3) Joomla Administrator / Components / virtuemart/ Users (only Check if you can see new users)

4) MS Access: select new user only (… if you have connected MySQL db via MySQL ODBC) SELECT jos_users.* FROM jos_users LEFT JOIN jos_vm_user_info ON jos_users.id = jos_vm_user_info.user_id WHERE (((jos_vm_user_info.user_id) Is Null));

5) Copy-Paste into MS-Excel into sheet "3_NewUsers" clm’s "B:N" / Copy-Paste

6) Copy-Paste from Excel into h t t p://yourproject.com/phpmyadmin ... clm "vm_shopper_vendor_xref" / and run

7) Copy-Paste from Excel into h t t p://yourproject.com/phpmyadmin ... clm "vm_user_info" / and run

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