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Just wondering if anyone had a better way of setting the background of a whole day in fullcalendar js? The problem with my approach is that if you go to another page in the calendar, the table cell background remains altered. I could reset all backgrounds on the fullCalendar('prev') event I guess but that seems messy. Anyone know of a way to render the actual event so that it expands to fill the whole day?

var trainingDiary = $("#training_diary").fullCalendar({
  dayClick: function(date, allDay, jsEvent, view) {

    var title = prompt('Event Title:');
    var dayObj = $(this);
    if (title) {
      url: "/app_dev.php/addtrainingday",
      global: false,
      type: "POST",
      data: "dayNo=" + date.getDate(), //returns day of month. getDay() returns day of week
      success: function(msg) {

                  title: title,
                  start: date,
                  allDay: allDay,
            true // make the event "stick" across calendar pages

      } //end ajax success
   } else {

  theme: true,
  header: {left:'title',
            center: '',
            right: 'today prev next'},

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looks like this can be done with the eventRender() callback.

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