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I'm now in a process of transition from Netbeans to Eclipse (Indigo).

Ctr+Q seems to have the same function - going back to the last edit location. But in Netbeans I was able to press Ctr+Q repeatedly and go further back without the need of altering the file content (undo and redo hack).

Is there such functionality in Eclipse?

Some info:

I'm using the JavaScript Development Toolkit, PDT, and YAML editor.

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It seems that Back action (Alt+Left) is more or less the same. The difference is that it tracks any action, not only edits. Actions as "Go to declarations" are also included in the history of Alt+Left.

I think, in a way, it's more useful because I track back my real actions as in "real browsing" the code. Though I will switch the keyboard shortcuts for Last Edit and Previous Action so that I keep the Ctr+Q habit.

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You can use the local history if you lost your undo redo functions. to do that: 1/ right click anywhere on your code, 2/ Team, 3/ Show Local History, then choose the version you want according to edit time.

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It is currently not possible in Eclipse. There is an old feature request for this functionality with Bugzilla id 72773 (

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