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I have 2 different tables but the columns are named slightly differently. I want to take information from 1 table and put it into the other table. I need the info from table 1 put into table 2 only when the "info field" in table 1 is not null. Table 2 has a unique id anytime something is created, so anything inserted needs to get the next available id number.

Table 1

info field is not null then insert all fields into table 2

Table 2

*need a unique id assigned
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If you are facing syntax related problem then read this post.… – AVD Jul 27 '11 at 15:03
@Jon I was about to suggest the same thing. OP, what have you tried already? – tom502 Jul 27 '11 at 15:05
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This should work. You don't need to worry about the identify field in Table2.

 (client_last_name, client_first_name, taskDescription, category)
 (SELECT clientLastName, clientFirstName, incidentDescription, category
  FROM Table1
  WHERE info_field IS NOT NULL)
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The difference in names won't matter. – Narnian Jul 27 '11 at 15:07
Member_ID nvarchar(255) primary key,
Name nvarchar(255),
Address nvarchar(255)
insert into Member(Member_ID,Name,Address) (select m.Member_Id,m.Name,m.Address from library_Member m WHERE Member_Id IS NOT NULL)
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