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I'm trying to use dumpbin with the /DISASM option to dump the disassembly of a file. It gives me the error LINK : warning LNK4195: unable to load msdis170.dll.

Apparently the file msdis170.dll doesn't exist on my computer. I've tried reinstalling the Windows SDK and that didn't work. So, how do I get this file?

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, with the latest version of the Windows SDK.

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Look like you are missing msdis170.dll from your PATH. Look for it on your drive and add the directory it resides in to your PATH.

set PATH=%PATH%;<directory_where_DLL_resides>
dumpbin /disasm <file_to_disassemble>

UPDATE: What version of the SDK do you have? You said latest, but what version? I know that WinSDK 7.0/7.1 comes with msdis160.dll. Where did you get your version of dumpbin.exe?

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I have 7.1, and i have msdis160.dll, but its looking for msdis170.dll.... –  Josh Jul 27 '11 at 17:12

Problem solved by install Visual C++ Express Edition.

(posted as an answer on behalf of asker)

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