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I have some old files that need to point to new files - the old files are indexed from Google like this: old%20file%20here.pdf - because the last people doing the site left spaces in file names - but in my Rewrites they just aren't matching the old file to send to the new - does anyone know how to ignore the %20 and redirect right?

My rewrite code here:

RewriteRule ^downloads/old%file%20here.pdf$ http://www.domain.co.uk/new-file.pdf [R=301,L]

Its working fine for rest of redirects which are pages with normal URLs.

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found the answer to this was \[space]name instead of what i was doing which was \%20name hop this helps some one else! –  chrishanson Jul 27 '11 at 15:19
Please post it as an answer and accept it -- other users who will facing similar issues may find the answer quicker if they will see accepted answer. thnx. –  LazyOne Jul 27 '11 at 18:28

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found the answer, this is it

[space]name (so should be \ name) instead of what i was doing which was \%20name

hope this helps any one else!

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