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i'm working on using sIRF for the first time as a way to implement specific typography on a website. it's all working nicely but i have one problem, i want the background to be transparent. i've looked thru the sIRF wiki and im not sure if this is something that is possible..

does anyone know of a way to do this?

i have a test page here >

sIRF documentation here >

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Lately I use Facelift as I find it a little easier to work with than sIFR... but I believe to make the background transparent you do something like this:

sIFR.replace(yourtypeface, {
      selector: 'h2.cpost-title',
      wmode: 'transparent'
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thanks zac that's exactly what i was looking for! facelift looks good also, but i'll stick with sIFR for now as i'd like to keep the text as text and not an image. – mattt Mar 26 '09 at 22:19

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