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Has anyone updated leaves page curl project to support Views with Interaction elements ?

As of Leaves doesnot support that.

or Is there any good alternate libraries - I have tried AFKFlipper.

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I ran into this problem too. I just added more subviews that have the interactive elements to the LeavesViewController and that works. Just kind of a pain. –  Marty Apr 25 '12 at 23:49

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I can not recommend external libraries, jus t wanted to make sure you now that from iOS5 you can use the UIPageViewController that gives you a native page curl view controller.

You can read it's documentation here-


See an example here -


And find a lecture about it in the latest WWDC.

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Hey here is the sample project, you can work on it. link.

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you dont need leaves. You can select the page based application in xcode 4.2 running ios 5!!

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