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I am writing a website and want a user to be able to click post to Facebook and have it open a window already filled out with a custom post. I do not want to have to authenticate them with my site or anything like that just send them to a Facebook url with the post already filled in.

Twitter has something like this that I am using. For instance click this

Is there a way to do this same thing for Facebook? If so does anyone know the URL?


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I found the solution I was looking for. To post to a Facebook wall without actually managing tokens you must make a call to the url below with the parameters specified below.


This will redirect back to the url that was specified in redirect parameter after the post. It will have the parameter post_id with the id of the new post or no params if they did not post. You can find documentation here

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The Like and Send buttons provide this functionality: You include meta tags on your page and the Like / Send button pick this up for sharing to a user's wall.

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You can't prefill story text, it's against FB policies. Twitter is cool with that, but on Facebook it's a no-no.


Scroll down a bit to 'Platform Policy IV.2'

You can put suggestions of what to say on the screen, but you can't prefill the comment box.

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