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i have a server\client (WCF) application, i need to send a list of string from the server to the client let's say the function on the server

List<string> RetrieveEmp (){

return EmpName.ToList();

I want to show the Employees name's list in client side (win phone 7 app)

    client.RetrieveEmpCompleted += new EventHandler<RetrieveEmpCompletedEventArgs>(client_RetrieveEmpCompleted)

   client. RetrieveEmpAsync();

I tried to do it like that

  void client_RetrieveEmpCompleted(object sender, RetrieveEmpCompletedEventArgs e(
         // I tried to do it like that 
         //  foreach (var i in e.Result.ToList())
        // {
                listBox1.ItemsSource = e.Result;//e.ResultElementAt(1)

But it doesn't work, any kind of help I will be so thankful to you, I appreciate, if you provide any sample code. thank you,

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DataClasses1DataContext context = new DataClasses1DataContext();
from (r in context.tablename select r.EmpName).toList();
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