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I'm trying to Invoke a Powershell function "dynamically" using a string. Example

$functionToInvoke = "MyFunctionName";

Invoke-Function $functionToInvoke $arg1 $arg2  #  <- what I would like to do

Is there any way to achieve this with PowerShell 2.0 ?

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You can do this:

 &"MyFunctionName" $arg1 $arg2
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How would you call a function named start? It seems to get picked up by cmd? Might not be saying that correctly... are there ways around this kind of thing in powershell? or do I just have to name my method differently? – BuddyJoe Feb 6 '15 at 1:13

If you're wanting to variableize the whlole thing:

function myfunctionname {write-host "$($args[0]) $($args[1])"}
$arg1 = "scripts"
$arg2 = "test"

$functionToInvoke = "MyFunctionName";

invoke-expression  "$functionToInvoke $arg1 $arg2"

scripts test
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