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OK, I have a Windows Forms application published using ClickOnce to
http://MyDevComputer1/DevPublishFolder/, so the deployement link is http://MyDevComputer1/DevPublishFolder/publish.htm.

The application is already deployed to close to 20 machines in the company intranet. I now have a requirement to change the publish location to a different server in the same network, but I'm just not sure how this change will affect the users who already have the application installed on their client machines.

How do I make sure the application detects that the publish location has been changed to a different server during the next application start up on client machines?

Or must I go and unstall the application the client machines, and then re-install from the new publish location?

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  • Go to the Publish tab and click the Updates button.
  • Add the new URL to Update Location dropdown list and click ok
  • Publish

Once all of the clients have received the new version, they will look to the new URL (and your new server) for all future updates.

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How to move a ClickOnce deployment is the article that goes with the video showing how to move a ClickOnce deployment.

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