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I get the following error:

SCRIPT16385: Not implemented

On the following line of code:

document.getElementById("amtcase").style = "background-color: #FFFFFF;";

"amtcase" is a text field

This only occurs on IE9, tested fine with Opera, Chrome, and FireFox.

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In IE you can't assign the "style" attribute of a DOM node like that. You can do a couple of alternatives:

document.getElementById('amtcase').style.backgroundColor = '#FFFFFF';


document.getElementById('amtcase').style.cssText = 'background-color: #FFFFFF';
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I didn't know any browser supported that method, let alone IE! +1! –  Matt Jul 29 '11 at 15:03


document.getElementById("amtcase").style["backgroundColor"] = "#FFFFFF";


document.getElementById("amtcase").style.backgroundColor = "#FFFFFF";
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