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I am using trip_search module and when searched it displays all the results. I just want search result only from one table. What can I do for this? And I don't have any idea about function module_invoke used in trip_search module. Hope to get answer.

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did you check the trip_search (SQL search) settings at index.php?q=admin/settings/trip_search, like

  • Advanced search page selection criteria options: Enable or disable the display of particular form sections on the advanced search page: Content type / Categories / Omitted vocabularies / Users / Omitted users
  • Filtering of results: will allow the user to further filter the search result set, by category / content type / user
  • Ranking of results


for module_invoke, check the Drupal documentation and Google. in short, it invokes the specified hook (trip_search, search_item) in all modules and collects the results.

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I think the first question is "Why are you using trip_search?"

It is not commonly used any more so you are unlikely to have much success with it.

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