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I´m trying to build patches for my application using vs2010. I used these tutorials:

But I get an error with code 0xC00E5114. The resulting log says: ERROR: UpgradedImages.MsiPath 'c:\project\setup2\' does not exist. It's supposed that this path contains the updated msi. How to solve this??

I used this method because I just make few changes and don't wanna buy tools like installshield (excellent, but expensive). Or does anybody know another method or tool?


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Try to remove all blank in your filename. Msimsp.exe likes short name (test.msi for example).

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In your pcp file, update UpgradedImages folder by changing the MsiPath to full filePath 'c:\project\setup2\urMsi.msi instead of using just the folder path.

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