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First off, I am using a version of older version of dojo, so dojo.event.connect is the proper syntax. My question is this: How do I access the event in the function that I call when the event is fired.

Basically, i am dynamically creating a button and then connecting an event on "onClick"

var _btn = dojo.widget.createWidget(widget parameters); dojo.event.connect(_btn,"onClick","myFunction");

In myFunction, I need to be able to access the attributes of _btn. I have tried passing _btn as the context of dojo.event.connect but this doesn't work. It also wont pass _btn as a parameter for myFunction when I try that. Is it possible to either A) somehow pass _btn as a parameter into myFunction or B) Access the event that is fired in myFunction when _btn is clicked. Thanks!

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I don't know if there is a more convenient way to solve your problem, but in the worst case, you could just use a closure as a surefire way to pass the parameter:

change myfunction from

myfunction(arg1, arg2){


myfunction(btn, arg1, arg2){
     //using btn here

and use dojo.partial (or dojo.hitch) to create a function that always reveives a certain button as a parameter (and then pass it to the connect):

dojo.event.connect(_btn, 'onClick', dojo.partial(myFunction, _btn));
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Thanks for the response. I just ended up doing a work-around that didn't require a dojo.connect and just manipulated the button's actual onClick method. Thanks anyway! – EJay Jul 29 '11 at 13:33

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