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I need to incorporate a graph into my android application but I am having trouble doing this because i am confused on the whole library section of the project.

Here is the tutorial:


that i am using. Could somebody possibly tell me where i am supposed to be put each part of the code, cuz i tried putting it into my activity class and it shows up with a ton of errors related to GraphView. Here are the snipets of code :

// graph with dynamically genereated horizontal and vertical labels   
GraphView graphView = new GraphView(   
  this // context   
  , new GraphViewData[] {   
    new GraphViewData(1, 2.0d)   
    , new GraphViewData(2, 1.5d)   
    , new GraphViewData(2.5, 3.0d) // another frequency   
    , new GraphViewData(3, 2.5d)   
    , new GraphViewData(4, 1.0d)   
    , new GraphViewData(5, 3.0d)   
  } // data   
  , "GraphViewDemo" // heading   
  , null // dynamic labels   
  , null // dynamic labels   
LinearLayout layout = (LinearLayout) findViewById(R.id.graph1);   
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You should use AchartEngineAchartEngine

its good for making any type of chart and graphs in android..it may be helpful to you...!

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This library has issues, because there is no Javadoc and you have to figure out how to use it by reading the source code. You may get compile errors relating to GraphViewData, because you are supposed to explicitly import this class embedded within the GraphView class:

import com.jjoe64.graphview.GraphView.GraphViewData;

You also cannot have a black text, white background colour scheme without "hacking the source code". It assumes you need only light text, black background graphs.

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You are supposed to put it in your onCreate method of your activity after you call setContentView method.

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