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I'm trying to add in my report a subsummary which shows the SUM of values for a group. Is there a way to do this using expressions? I know this is not coded correctly, but to better explain: =SUM (Fields!check_amount.value, "dataset1") Groupby (Fields!group_number.value, "dataset1") The returned SUM will be shown below the last item that is in that group_number.value. Thank you.

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I figured it out. It needed to be put into the syntax and then the field used as an expression.

SELECT .source_cde,
.check_num_num, .group_num, .acct_cde, SUM (trans_amt) sum_amount


WHERE (.source_cde IN (@SourceCode)) AND (.acct_cde IN (@AccountCode)) AND (.payable_check_dte is Null) AND (.trans_dte BETWEEN @DateStart AND @DateEnd)

GROUP BY Group_num, source_cde, trans_desc, trans_amt, trans_dte, payable_check_dte, check_num_num, acct_cde

Then in the table itself call on =Sum(Fields!sum_amount.Value)

Thanks to anyone looking into it.

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