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I'm using the JAI library to do adjustments on a series of images, each about 1300x1000 in size. I adjust pixel intensities with "Rescale" and add text and lines with the Graphics2D object from the TiledImage.createGraphics() method. Then I resize the image to fit the screen with "subsampleaverage" and render to screen with Graphics2D.drawRenderedImage(). Up to this point, there is little slowdown, with rendering taking about 40-60 milliseconds.

However, if I only add the text and lines, the display slows down to 100-200 milliseconds. I can't seem to figure out why this is, as adding the text after or before adjust pixel intensities is fine.

I've been searching through the site, but I can't seem to find any concrete answer. Many suggestions have been to use BufferedImages, but converting from PlanarImages to BufferedImages seems to also have a slowdown issue.

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To anyone with this problem, I suggest using JOGL for display and resizing. After fiddling with JAI and JOGL, I've been able to fix most of the slowdown issues. – ddukki Aug 9 '11 at 17:46
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Apparently text is still rendered very slowly in Java. The glyphs for each Font object has to be rendered and painted on the Graphics object. With a lot of text on the object, the Font object along with all the used Glyphs are recreated, causing a massive slowdown.

Even using JOGL, there is a significant slowdown. But using the same TextRenderer object alleviates this by creating a single Font object and reusing it as long as the TextRenderer is alive. Of course, this restricts you from using multiple Font objects, as JOGL has yet to implement a setFont function, requiring you to create a new TextRenderer object for each new font, font style, and font weight.

Hope this helps anyone with similar issues.

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