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We distribute an application that runs only on Window's machines (XP and up). I have been distributing by building an exe with WINRAR that has generally worked well but I have run into a problem as we move to support Vista and Win7 in that the application path is going to be dependent on the OS. So I either have to build an OS dependent WINRAR exe or join the modern age and use an installer.

I have scanned the websites of a couple of the installers for sale and the open source ones but since I have limited programming knowledge I am a bit overwhelmed by the choices.

It could be that the correct answer is that because we are not making any registry changes any of the installers will do.

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I feel your pain selecting an installer. On the few occasions I have had to deal with this, I found the available choices lacking in key features and/or poorly documented. Wish I had useful advice on the subject, but it is a good question. –  Eric J. Jul 27 '11 at 20:30
PyNEwbit - Could you detail your requirements a bit more? Are you just installing files into a single directory? Or do any of the following apply: Fonts? Registry keys? COM registrations? Multiple directories? Installing dependent packages such as Visual C++ runtime or .net framework? Separate 32-bit and 64-bit builds? Do you support upgrading from one version to the next? What's the disk footprint of your install? Knowing all of this would likely generate better answers. –  selbie Jul 28 '11 at 3:49
@PyNEwbie What is the problem with WinRAR self-extracting installer on Vista/7? –  Alexey Ivanov Jul 29 '11 at 7:27
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From your description, the install process of your application is simple: just copy the files. In this case, any install tool would do its job. You can try the following:

The first two are easier to learn. WiX creates Windows Installer packages and has a steep learning curve; although in your case you could merely follow the WiX Tutorial to build your setup package.

If your installation procedure is so simple that it does not require an install, users of your application may like if you just give them a zip package which they can extract to any directory. Of course, this depends on the target users. Anyway, it could be a good option in addition to install package.

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Generally the key distinction is whether or not you want to deliver a .msi Windows Installer package or not. Corporates prefer that because it makes large scale deployment easier for them. But .msi packages are harder to create and have a steep learning curve.

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