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I have some old code I'm trying to compile with the class CciModuleCache being instantiated in the code. It doesn't resolve with the latest version of Gallio. I still get the red curly underlines under this class. Does anyone know what namespace this class resides in now?

namespace/library I thought it was in, but is not:
using Gallio.Common.Reflection.Impl;

Answer: This class was recently changed so code outside of the assembly can call into it. It will no longer have an access type of "internal"

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The type is now declared as a public class for a better reusability. Please try out the next v3.3 daily build in See also issue 852.

EDIT: It should be OK in build v3.3.409 and later.

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This class has an access type of internal, so only the Gallio library can access it.

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