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I'm trying to pass a couple of variables through the command line to rake to be used in rspec.

From what i gather i can do this to pass args into my rake task:

task :my_task, :arg1, :arg2 do |t, args|
  puts "Args were: #{args}"

but I'm using rspec so my rake task looks like this:, :arg1, :arg2 do |t, args|
 puts args.arg1
 puts args.arg2

which doesn't work.

also I havent figured out how to pass it to my rspec spec file

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I don't know rspec, but your code example looks like it has a little typo. The brackets in should include the arguments:, :arg1, :arg2) – knut Jul 27 '11 at 20:40

How do you call rake?

For your example you have to call:

rake mytask[val1,val2]

I'm not sure about your 2nd code example. args should be a hash with keys :arg1 and :arg2. So you may use

puts args[:arg1]

I'm in doubt if args.arg1 will work.

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It's been a while since the original question, but I had to solve a similar problem. You don't have to change much of your initial idea:, [:arg1, :arg2]) do |t, args|
 puts args.arg1
 puts args.arg2

Then call it e.g. via:

rake my_task["hello","world"]
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