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I've got a page with multiple steps to completing a form. In each step, a different partial view is loaded. One step is a textbox. They can come back and edit it at a later date, and I want it to pop up a window asking if they want to save it when they go to a different step without saving what they have done, but only if they have edited what is in the textbox. Is there a simple way to do this using javascript or something?

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You can keep a counter variable on a page that is set to 0. Now attach an onchange event to the text box. everytime the onchange event fires increment the counter variable. now when user navigates to a different page check if the counter variable is 0. if it is 0 then text box has not been edited otherwise the user has edited the text box.

a better approach on page load(window.onload) store the text(textbox.value) of the text box you want to monitor in a variable. when user navigates to other page check if the current text of the text box matches the variable's text then the text box's value is unchanged(however it might have been edited more than one time)
its a better approach because there are just 2 extra javascript calls one on page load and the other when user attempts page navigation. In the previous approach every time the textbox's text changes there is a javascript call(onchange event and incremnting counter variable)

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If you want to check if the value has change from when the page loaded, you can compare the current value to the defaultValue:

if (textArea.defaultValue != textArea.value) {

  // It's been edited

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try dirtyField plug-in. Here are some example using drityField.

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