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this is a follow up from the following question
WCF RIA : LoadOperation Not Refreshing Data

LoadOperation<Clarifications> ClarificationsLP = context.Load(context.GetClarificationsQuery().Where(o => o.ProjectID == ((App)Application.Current).Project.ProjectID).OrderBy(o => o.RaisedOn), LoadBehavior.RefreshCurrent, false); ClarificationsLP.Completed += delegate

The code above works fine, it will return me any changes that may occur in the database outside of my application. Great! However it only returns me the new changes...what if an Item was deleted? How can I deal with this? This is an issue for me.

Any help is appreciated.


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if other application is deleting registrys, and you want to refresh it, so you need to clear the cache entitys and do the load operation.

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