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I want to delete all keys. I want everything wiped out and give me a blank database.

Is there a way to do this in redis client?

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with redis-cli:

FLUSHDB       - Removes data from your connection's CURRENT database.
FLUSHALL      - Removes data from ALL databases.

Redis Docs: flushdb, flushall

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from shell: redis-cli flushall –  Cmag Oct 21 '14 at 19:11
When i try the above i get the following error (error) LOADING Redis is loading the dataset in memory. Can you specify why? –  Ram swaroop Oct 27 '14 at 6:57
@Ramswaroop - you restarted Redis and it is currently loading data from persistent storage. While this process (loading) is active, you can't manipulate the DB. Either wait for it to finish, or configure Redis w/o persistence and restart it (it will start empty so you won't need to do FLUSHALL once it is up). –  Itamar Haber Oct 27 '14 at 10:57
@ItamarHaber Thanks for the help, i too figured out the same. –  Ram swaroop Oct 27 '14 at 12:13

Heads up that FLUSHALL may be overkill. FLUSHDB is the one to flush a db only. FLUSHALL will wipe out the entire server. As in every db on the server. Since the question was about flushing a db I think this is an important enough distinction to merit a separate answer.

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+1 from me, i thought this was the better answer actually. Granted, the OP's Question says "wipe everything out" but that is followed by "give me a blank database"--regardless of what he actually meant, i think the distinction you made is useful, to say the least. –  doug Aug 1 '11 at 2:47
The answer should read as 'flushall may be overkill..'. –  Gokul Sep 14 '11 at 19:13

If you're using the redis-rb gem then you can simply call:

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Answers so far are absolutely correct, they delete all keys. However, if you also want to delete all lua scripts from the redis instance, you should follow it by:


The OP asks two questions, this completes the second question (everything wiped).

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No, he asked one question and in the two years since then the scope in Redis increased. The OP's question was specifically about deleting keys. You're answering a different question than this one. –  The Real Bill May 15 '14 at 15:55
@TheRealBill You have to think about what's useful for current and future SO readers. The answers here didn't address the OP's I want everything wiped out and give me a blank database. question anymore. So, imho, my addition is a good one, which has helped a few people. Feel free to disagree ofcourse, that's also what SO is about. –  Tw Bert May 15 '14 at 21:25
Context is everything, and the first sentence establishes it: "I want to delete all keys". Rewriting the question to give a different answer is not what I'm told SO is about. It is about asking the question given - hence the moderation flag indicating the answer under review is answering a different question. But, opinions differ. –  The Real Bill May 19 '14 at 18:48
Your opinion is noted, thx. Nuff said. –  Tw Bert May 19 '14 at 22:46
If you are running the server yourself, the quickest way to wipe everything is to kill the server and restart it (found this out accidentally) –  acutesoftware Aug 31 '14 at 2:22

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