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My setup: Rails 3.0.9, Ruby 1.9.2

I have a global constant defined

TYPES = { "visa" => "Visa", "master" => "MasterCard" }

I wish to invert the values for the select method, I know it sounds silly but there is another part of my code that needs this functionality, so I'm trying to figure out if it is possible. Here's what I have so far but didn't work

<%= f.select :card_type, TYPES.each { |key, value| [value, key] } %>
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Use the invert method built-in to Hash:

TYPES = { "visa" => "Visa", "master" => "MasterCard" }

# => {"Visa"=>"visa", "MasterCard"=>"master"}


<%= f.select :card_type, TYPES.invert %>


  1. Why not use symbols instead of strings for the key.. :master instead of "master"
  2. The values of original TYPES will be used as the keys for the invert'ed Hash, so ensure that your values are all unique.
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D'oh! How did I miss that? I even inferred it in my question LOL. –  Bob Jul 27 '11 at 23:18
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