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I tried to change like that(worked on the 'navigator' object)

    "var navigator=new Object;"
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In that case, I would use the signal javaScriptWindowObjectCleared

That kicks in just before load, when the window has been cleared.

You probably want to validate the origin before doing anything, though.

That being said - and I am not too sure what you want to achieve - I wouldn't manipulate the javascript scope like that. Maintaining and deploying javascript is easier than doing the same for C++. So, I would instead just expose a simple C++ object to the javascript scope (via addToJavaScriptWindowObject), and then have the javascript code test this object and do what it has to do.

Either way, hope this helps.

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And I would like to stress that "after page's downloading and before javascript execution" is a contradiction. Now, using javaScriptWindowObjectCleared, you can indeed inject your script before anything starts, and wait for any proper javascript event that you would deem appropriate (DOMContentReady... whatever). –  Mangled Deutz Jun 18 '12 at 18:15

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