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I have a problem I tried to retrieve a file with this code:


$path= "./uploadedfiles/";
$dir= dir($path);

while ($file = $dir->read()) {

        echo $file . "<a href=deletefile.php?file=$file>Delete</a><br>";         

and my deletefile.php

$file = $_GET['file'];

echo $file;

$path =  'C:/wamp/www/project/uploadedfiles/'.$files;


    echo "File deleted";
    echo "Erro no uploaded";



The problem is that with the line $file = $_GET['file'];, if my files name is document name.pptx (space included) the $_GET just takes document, so my file never gets deleted, can someone help me? Help really appreciated

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Try using urlencode() and urldecode(), this should encode the space in the filename when passing it over the URL


echo $file . "<a href=deletefile.php?file=" . urlencode($file) . ">Delete</a><br>";


$file = urldecode($_GET['file']);
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thanks for answering It was very useful – bentham Jul 27 '11 at 23:33
@ReOsless: if you also insist on quoting the attribute it get's my vote :) – Wrikken Jul 27 '11 at 23:42

You need to change this line:

echo $file . "<a href=deletefile.php?file=$file>Delete</a><br>";


echo $file . '<a href="deletefile.php?file='.urlencode($file).'">Delete</a><br>';

See urlencode. It will convert your space to %20, so that it can be sent over GET.

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thanks for your answers It really help me – bentham Jul 27 '11 at 23:33

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