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how could i create a custom ButtonField with no border in Blackberry... any help will be appreciated

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bingo, just add the applyTheme() method

class BitmapButtonField extends ButtonField {

        protected void applyTheme()


Arhimed & Rafael, thanks for you help!

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Use this tutorial to create your own custom field.

Control the appearance of your field in paint() method.

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Yes, this is possible by extending Field. You just need to create 2 images (one for a focused state and one for an unfocused state). Just don't draw the border on those images.

A sample implementation can be found here.

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As Arhimed said, you should extend Field. This will give you the maximum amount of customization over how the button looks.

Here's an example of a customizable button I've created:

You could use it as it is or modify the code further to suit your needs.

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