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I am trying to write a class in haXe supporting array like access using the [] operator such as:

var vector = new Vec3();
trace(vector.length); // displays 3
vector[0] = 1; // array like access to the class, how?
vector[1] = 5.6; // more array access
vector[2] = Math.PI; // yet more array access

The problem is I don't know how to define a class such that it allows the [] operator. I need this class, rather than using an Array or List because there is some trickery going on with it to support my animation system which references to parts of vectors using storyboards (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijF50rRbRZI)

In C# i could write:

public float this[index] { get { ... } set { .... } }

I've read the haXe documentation and found ArrayAccess, but the interface is empty. That is I don't understand how to implement it, or if I just implement ArrayAccess ... what method on my class would be called to retrieve Float at said index?

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haXe doesn't support operators overload (yet) so you will have to use a get/set pair. You can use inline if the magic that happens inside your methods need to be optimized for speed.

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