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So, I've been scripting in PHP for a while and I now have to translate the code to JSP. However, the issue I am having aside from many things is: the function basename in PHP isn't in JSP. What I've tried is


I get am error because the String class doesn't have getName(). I am trying to extract the filename of the URL of the referring page. So if you visted the site page from '', you will get 'hello.htm'

I'm not trying to receive it as a CGI variable. It is only a small part of my code. I'm extracting information from a filesystem based on the refering url. In PHP the code started out like this:

$parent = basename($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);

If there isn't a function, I guessing regular expressino would work. I'll just have to delve into Java's list of reg exp syntax.

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Comprehensive list of request context vars:

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