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I have written the following code and want my bluetooth continously working, and is there any proper way so that my startdiscovery should be scan until my program in running?


      System.out.println("flow is here");
      // Create a BroadcastReceiver for ACTION_FOUND
      final BroadcastReceiver mReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {
        public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
            String action = intent.getAction();
        // When discovery finds a device
           if (BluetoothDevice.ACTION_FOUND.equals(action)) {

                System.out.println("Print in IF");
                // Get the BluetoothDevice object from the Intent
                BluetoothDevice device = intent.getParcelableExtra(BluetoothDevice.EXTRA_DEVICE);
                // Add the name and address to an array adapter to show in a ListView
                mNewDevicesArrayAdapter.add(device.getName() + "\n" + device.getAddress());               

                //info = mNewDevicesArrayAdapter.getItem(x).toString();
                System.out.println("Found :\t"+device.getAddress()+"\tName :"+device.getName());

            else if (BluetoothAdapter.ACTION_DISCOVERY_FINISHED.equals(action)) {
                    System.out.prinlnt("Else BOdy ");

Even System.out.println("Else BOdy") is not showing at all...

  int delay = 10000; // delay for 1 sec. 
  int period = 15000; // repeat every 10 sec. 
  Timer timer = new Timer(); 
  timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask() { 
          public void run() 
              displayData();  // display the data
        private void displayData() {
            System.out.println("Veer Suthar is calling method after 10 seconds");
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
      }, delay, period);

This is what simply I have done, so it is called, and

if (BluetoothAdapter.ACTION_DISCOVERY_FINISHED.equals(action)) {

This method didn't work with me.

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Can you add line with registerReceiver method or manifest <receiver /> tag? –  Jin35 Dec 15 '11 at 4:59

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