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I am developing an application; which will run on a system with 2 displays. I want my PyQt app to be able to automatically route a particular window to the second screen.

How can this be done in Qt? (either in Python or C++)

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Use QDesktopWidget to access to screen information on multi-head systems.

Here is pseudo code to make a widget cover first screen.

QDesktopWidget *pDesktop = QApplication::desktop ();

//Get 1st screen's geometry
QRect RectScreen0 = pDesktop->screenGeometry (0);

//Move the widget to first screen without changing its geometry
my_Widget->move (RectScreen0.left(),RectScreen0.top());

my_pWidget->resize (RectScreen0.width(),RectScreen0.height());

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Perfect. Thanks! –  Anoop Aug 5 '11 at 7:25

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