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I have a tab bar application, in one tab I have a view that has a different item(look) for landscape and portrait. my question is how can I handle this feature. Thanks for helping me.

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I had similar issue. You can just check orientation by:

 UIViewController* vc = //your current view controller
    UIInterfaceOrientation orientation = vc.interfaceOrientation;
 //   NSLog(@"orientation %@",orientation);
    if(orientation == UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight){...}

inside the if statement setup desired layout. If you have it in nib file you can substitude the whole view by self.view = portairtView; which can be defined and in the same nib. You can do same thing with an inner part of the view.

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You can handle them as you would normally do using

- (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation
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y question is about nib file and view on it. – mahyar Jul 28 '11 at 9:42

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