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I am new to MySQL and want to have InnoDB table type for my database tables. With me phpMyAdmin does not show me InnoDB Storage Engine. I assume that InnoDB was not installed with MySQL Server installation. How to install InnoDB Engine or InnoDB table type in MySQL.

I have check the phpMyadmin storage engine list but it show the innoDB disables state.

How can i install or enables the innoDB in MySQL.

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@Manikandan Thangaraj: It will be better if you include the improvement that you suggested on the answer in your question, because it's discovered by you, not me :-). –  MD Sayem Ahmed Jul 28 '11 at 9:40

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Taken from here:

To get InnoDB enabled, open my.ini file and do the following: 1. Find skip-innodb directive from this file and place # before it to comment out. It will appear like #skip-innodb. 2. Save my.ini and restart the MySQL. Then refresh phpMyAdmin, InnoDB Engine will be available to use.

To create a table using InnoDB engine, just declare your tables like this way -

    -- Your table declaration
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