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I'm using this tutorial to work out some stuff, but i'm having to port the code because its in OpenGL instead of GL-ES. One problem I'm having is setting the arrays because android doesn't seem to support this kind of array


GLint viewport[4];

Correct me if I'm wrong and this type of array is supported or enlighten me as to how I should be setting arrays

Thank you

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See this - Android: 3D with OpenGL

There is no GLint type. For that example use:

public abstract void glGetIntegerv (int pname, IntBuffer params)

public abstract void glGetIntegerv (int pname, int[] params, int offset)

So, you just need to use something like this:

int[] viewport = new int[4];
gl.glGetIntegerv(GL11.GL_VIEWPORT, viewport, 0);
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I'm guessing gl.glGetDoublev isn't supported =( any alternatives? –  Jack Jul 28 '11 at 10:26
I suppose that you should use glGetInteger and integer data type instead of the double one... or use float data type and GL11.glGetFloatv I think this procedures are interchangeable. See: glGet –  aeracode Jul 28 '11 at 11:32

If I'm not wrong, Android just as Java doesn't support declaring arrays this way, this is c/c++ like (static) declaration. I'm guessing you would have to declare array like this:

GLint viewport[] = new GLint[4];
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Nehe tutorials are great, but not geared towards Android. Check out insanitydesign.com, they ported a bunch of the Nehe tutorials so you don't have to!

And as an aside, there are several great OpenGL tutorials written specifically for Android (like this one at jayway.com), why don't you use one of those to get your feet wet?

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