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I'm using a Visual Studio generated proxy class to access a web service (added the web service as a web reference to my project). The problem is that the function the web service exposes expects a CDATA element, i.e.:


Unfortunately, when I pass in "" into the proxy class, it calls the web service with this:


This appears to be causing problems with the web service. Is there any way to fix this while still using the proxy class generated by Visual Studio?

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Can you provide a code sample of how you're calling the webservice? If it's a web service with a published WSDL I don't know why you'd even have to address this level of implementation detail, so I have a suspicion that you're calling it wrong somehow.

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Yes, this is generated from a published WSDL. The WSDL says that the function being called simply takes in a string, and that's exactly what I'm passing it. Unfortunately, when the web service proxy class generates the XML, it encodes the string I passed in. – Kevin Pang Sep 16 '08 at 4:18

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