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Hi while trying out jni example in this link http://wendro.blogspot.com/2010/03/jni-example-eclipse-dev-cpp.html?showComment=1309930446765#c5048550711511727724 with eclipse Helios windows xp am getting this error in eclipse console

"error: cannot access MyFirstWrapper, class file for MyFirstWrapper not found, javadoc: error - Class MyFirstWrapper not found. Error: No classes were specified on the command line. Try -help."

what i have to do..???

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Alternatively, set your run configuration's Working Directory to the project's bin. in the arguments, set flag -d to change where the output file goes to your cpp folder. For example:

Working Directory: ${workspace_loc:/ProjectRoot/bin}
Arguments: -d ${workspace_loc:/ProjectRoot/cpp} full.package.name.path.to.Class
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Hi Thanks i only got the answer i did like this i got a jni header file generated inside cpp folder

In Eclipse Run Tools, External Tools Configurations,


Location:My javah.exe location D:\ProgramFiles\Java\jdk1.6.0_17\bin\javah.exe

Working Directory: my javah file location ${workspace_loc:/jni_hello_world/cpp}

And the most important point is inside Arguments we have to give first as our .class location then jni command like below

-classpath E:\Workspace\JNI\jni_hello_world\bin -jni MyFirstWrapper

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