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I have to complete the form inside the website (that is not mine) several times with the correct sequence that I already know.

For example:

for the first question the right replay is D  
for the second question is D  
for the third D (again :))  
for the forth D (is boring, i know)  
for the fifth B (finally something new ;))  

-- as you can see in the picture, below.

I need that when I go on the form/question page, Greasemonkey automatically sets the page with the correct sequence, so that the only things that I have to do is click the "send" button at the end :D

I mean: is it possible that Greasemonkey sets/submits the page with the radio buttons already checked on the right sequence and position?

The questions are structured like this, in the pages:

<li><span id="UniqueId_Q3" class="png">
            <tr><td><span class="QuestionNumber png">3.</span></td>
                <td><span class="QuestionText png">This is the question text.</span></td>
        <li><span class="InputButton">
            <input type="radio" value="UniqueVal_1" name="UniqueName_3" id="UniqueId_Q3_1">
            <label for="UniqueId_Q3_1"><span class="png">&nbsp;a. Answer A</span></label>
        <li><span class="InputButton">
            <input type="radio" value="UniqueVal_2" name="UniqueName_3" id="UniqueId_Q3_2">
            <label for="UniqueId_Q3_2"><span class="png">&nbsp;b. Answer B</span></label>

Thank you in advance,
Teresa :)

enter image description here

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You have to choose the form and submit() it:

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Sorry is not clear... I'm not a good informatics girl, I discover Greasmonkey and this world 72 hours ago XD. Could you be more specific. sorry again. –  Teresa Jul 28 '11 at 9:18

If you just want to automate resubmitting those quiz pages, then a web-page IO-automation tool, like Selenium would probably be easier.

Only thing is, it's not clear if Selenium supports Firefox 5, but it's free and easy; give it a try!

There are other tools, like telerik, which are not free but might be worth it (and they usually have free trials).

Failing that, this task can be done via Greasemonkey, but it will require elbow-grease on your part.

The first thing is that you will need to create a mapping of questions to answers, like so:

For example, suppose two questions are:

1. The specification makes it possible to use up to eight simultaneous 
   audio channels.
    a. True
    b. False

2. Fizzbutt™ technology was developed by Ferrari and what other company?
    a. Cisco
    b. Pepperidge Farm
    c. The BBC

And the correct answers were "True" and "The BBC".

Then your mapping would be:

var QandA_Map   = [ { question: "The specification makes it possible to use up to eight simultaneous audio channels."
                    , answer:   "True" }
                  , { question: "Fizzbutt™ technology was developed by Ferrari and what other company?"
                    , answer:   "The BBC" }

If you still want/need to go the Greasemonkey route, let us know and we'll show you how to use that mapping to automatically submit those quiz pages.

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Wow, Selenium seems very similar at my scope! For the next days I'll try this solution, but is more charming learn something new :). On the base of your suggest I have tried this but it doesn't works :\ –  Teresa Jul 28 '11 at 17:28
Making the Q&A map is just the first part. You then have to use that information to fill out the form. It's not too hard, and you can find plenty of examples of manipulating forms, but my answer does not include that yet. –  Brock Adams Jul 28 '11 at 22:07

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