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I'm about to start a long term windows application project but not sure which way to go, i have to kept in mind due to long term project the technology i will choose must be supported in upcoming windows 8. The project can be created on any of these WINAPI MFC ALT WIN-FORMS WPF more of less a little but my main concern is a long support at least as long as windows 8 comes out and continue. I personally wanted to go with WPF but i'm kinda scared that everyone on internet is talking that WPF is going to dead because of Microsoft new HTML5/JS hype. I don't know why Microsoft has choose HTML5/JS as their PLATFORM for windows development in windows 8 (i personally don't think HTML5 is not capable enough to create AAA windows applications). Which is most safe can any one tell me through his experience


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we have choose wpf with mvvm pattern for our frontend technology.

at least the frontend technology depends on your application requirements :)

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