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I have my controller action method returning pdf file as

public FileContentResult GetPDF(string filename)
        {FileContentResult filecontent= new FileContentResult(Contents, "application/pdf");
               HttpContext.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=" + filename);
               return filecontent;

here Contents is byte[] type.

If in my Adobe reader Edit->Preferences->Internet unchecked the "Display PDF in the browser" opens file but not with the filename in Adobe Reader. and if I checked that then it is not opening in Browser Tab for this I also tried with opening pdf file from a website it opened it browser tab so no issues with browser.

I need to be able to open pdf in browser tab with file name. can anybody help me because i find no solution after lot of search. Is iframe setting needed?

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try this if it works,

return File(filecontent,mimetype,filename);

or use FileStreamResult , idon't what exactly it does but try ,may works

regards, kris

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