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I have a bug while using FB.ui, although I'm doing everything by the book.
I want to a button so users can share the page on their wall.
When I click the button, I get a facebook popup window that says:
An error occurred, Please try again later.

Can you see what's wrong?

Here's my code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js"></script>
    cookie: true, 
function shareProject2()
                 method: 'feed',
                 name: 'Facebook Dialogs',
                 link: 'http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/',
                 picture: 'http://fbrell.com/f8.jpg',
                 caption: 'Reference Documentation',
                 description: 'Dialogs provide a simple, consistent interface for applications to interface with users.',
                 message: 'Facebook Dialogs are easy!'
               function(response) {
                 if (response && response.post_id) {
                 } else {
                   alert('Post was not published.');
     return false;


<a href="#" onclick="shareProject2();" >Share</a>
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You shouldn't be setting the message parameter - this should be done by a user. Facebook Platform Policy – jBit Jul 28 '11 at 10:59
Was anyone able to solve this? I have the same issue. (removing the message parameter didn't help) – Tom D. Dec 5 '13 at 9:02

Have you tried passing the session from the server to the client JavaScript

This would be done in php as:

require 'facebook.php';

$facebook = new Facebook(array(
    'appId' => $appId,   // Your App Id
    'secret' => $secret, // Your App Secret
    'cookie' => true,

$session = $facebook->getSession();

        echo (!empty($session)) ? 'session: ' . json_encode($session) . ',' : '' ?>
        cookie: true, 


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