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I want to execute some unix command from php script. The code is given below..

exec('export HFT_BASEDIR='.$filepath);
exec('make prod');

Now the problem is that exec('export HFT_BASEDIR='.$filepath); is not working, for that reason many errors are being displayed... Is there any alternative option to execute the same command.

please help me out ASAP.. thanks in advance

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It's working just fine. But the shell you execute it in dies before the function call returns. Try putenv() instead.

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environment variables are local to the processes, export only tells the shell to pass those variables to children processes.

exec('export HFT_BASEDIR='.$filepath . '; make prod');
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No need for export, either: exec("HFT_BASEDIR=$filepath make prod"); –  icktoofay Nov 1 '11 at 5:34

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