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I am developing a small web application optimized for iPad (using mainly javascript & CSS quirks and hacks). However, there is an issue that I just can not find or come up how to resolve.

The thing is that if I change the orientation of the iPad, during the rotation animation a transparent ("checkered") background is shown in the places that were not rendered in previous orientation. One guy on forums.macrumors.com posted an excellent screenshot illustrating this behavior. The thing is, since my application has a rather dark look and & feel, this checkered background showing during the rotation seems to be awkwardly out of place.

However, this guy's screenshot was for the iPhone - that said, and considering that stackoverflow.com is more programming-focused, I thought I'd ask if anyone struggled with and, hopefully, successfully resolved this issue.

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Safari displays the checkered background when the rendering can't keep up (try scrolling really fast). As far as I know there is no way of changing the pattern.

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