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In one of the demo code I found following type of coding. = CGPointMake(385.0f, 300.0f); = CGPointMake(385.0f, 770.0f);

Can anybody give me some idea for this coding ?

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The btnLeftCard and btnRightCard will be added to a parent view. The top left of that view acts as origin (0,0). The co-ordinates(x,y) will be added with respect to this point. As you go right the value of x changes and as you move below value of y changes with respect to the origin.

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CGPointMake. I think it's all you need.

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point (x,y) will be the center of the btnLeftCard. i.e. btnLeftCard has a rectangular area.

Then half of its width and height will be top and left of this point and other half will be at right and bottom of this point.

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