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I am newbie in WPF and now I am using a 3rd party lib xamChart in my project

previously in the XAML i have a Chart and its axis has a Unit which is a int property and I have

Unit="{Binding NextStartRow, Converter={StaticResource UnitConverter}}"

This works perfectly, but now I need to create the chart in the runtime through the code behind. How can I do that in C#? and FYI all the axis.Unit.xxx in the c# code do not have the thing I want, Please help, thank you very much in advance, any suggestion is much appreciated!

FYI code snippet in of xaml

<igCA:Axis AxisType="PrimaryX" AutoRange="True"  
           Unit="{Binding AnotherIntegerProperty, Converter={StaticResource UnitConverter}}">
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Try this by adjusting anything is not correct as you missed to specify:

  new Binding("AnotherIntegerProperty")
    Converter = new UnitConverter()


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Hi Mario, thank you very much! it works! you are the expert! –  Ted Xu Jul 28 '11 at 10:53

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