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What is the best practice from removing warnings when I don't need to implement all the callback functions of a behavior ?

For instance:

Warning: undefined callback function code_change/3 (behaviour 'gen_event')
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The "best" practice is actually to implement stub callbacks, with sensible return values (such as {reply, ok, State} for calls, {noreply, State} for casts and info etc.). This will also ensure stability and compatibility if someone would ever try a code upgrade, for example, on your code.

There is no way to ignore these warnings currently.

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It's also recommended to log the calling of the stub function as an error: error_logger:error_msg("Unexpected function call in ~p~n", [mymodule]). This way you get informed as the method is accidentality called. –  Ward Bekker Jul 28 '11 at 11:13

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