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I'm trying to draw closed path and fill it with some collor. Here the code

startRulerUnits = app.preferences.rulerUnits

startTypeUnits = app.preferences.typeUnits

startDisplayDialogs = app.displayDialogs

//change settings

app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS

app.preferences.typeUnits = TypeUnits.PIXELS

app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO

var AD = activeDocument;

var bBox = new Array();

bBox[0] = 10;

bBox[1] = 10;

bBox[2] = 50;

bBox[3] = 10;

bBox[4] = 50;

bBox[5] = 50;

bBox[6] = 10;

bBox[7] = 50;

var line = new Array();

line[0] = new PathPointInfo;

line[0].kind = PointKind.CORNERPOINT;

line[0].anchor = [bBox[0],bBox[1]];

line[0].leftDirection = line[0].anchor;

line[0].rightDirection = line[0].anchor;

line[1] = new PathPointInfo;

line[1].kind = PointKind.CORNERPOINT;

line[1].anchor = [bBox[2],bBox[3]];

line[1].leftDirection = line[1].anchor;

line[1].rightDirection = line[1].anchor;

line[2] = new PathPointInfo;

line[2].kind = PointKind.CORNERPOINT;

line[2].anchor = [bBox[4],bBox[5]];

line[2].leftDirection = line[2].anchor;

line[2].rightDirection = line[2].anchor;

line[3] = new PathPointInfo;

line[3].kind = PointKind.CORNERPOINT;

line[3].anchor = [bBox[6],bBox[7]];

line[3].leftDirection = line[3].anchor;

line[3].rightDirection = line[3].anchor;

var lineSubPath= new Array();

lineSubPath[0] = new SubPathInfo();

lineSubPath[0].operation = ShapeOperation.SHAPEXOR;

lineSubPath[0].closed = true;

lineSubPath[0].entireSubPath = line;

var path = AD.pathItems.add("A", lineSubPath);

//var paperShape = AD.artLayers.add();

var colorRef = new SolidColor;

colorRef.rgb.red = 255

colorRef.rgb.green = 100;

colorRef.rgb.blue = 10;

path.fillPath(colorRef, ColorBlendMode.COLOR,100,true,0,true,true);


app.preferences.rulerunits = startRulerUnits

app.preferences.typeunits = startTypeUnits

app.displayDialogs = startDisplayDialogs

path is drawn, but error apears while filling

fillPath is not a function.

Can anybody help?

P.S. Sorry for my English

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path is a property of Application, Photoshop does not understand when you try to apply fillPath to it, even if you had declared it as a variable name... you just gets Photoshop confused on what to do.

You should simply change that's variable name to something like myPath and then myPath.fillPath(colorRef, ColorBlendMode.COLOR,100,true,0,true,true); will work.

I would also make a little change in the ColorBlendMode, if you set it to COLOR you won't be able to actually see the color you are applying, and it will seem that the script is not working at all.

Try myPath.fillPath(colorRef, ColorBlendMode.NORMAL,100,true,0,true,true); and you're done!

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