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I have a SQL SERVER Table which has only one field "StartDate" the records are as follows

** 2011-07-28 19:30:00.000

2011-07-29 21:50:00.000

2011-07-25 09:20:00.000 **

What i want to do is :

SHOW RECORDS if its CURRENT DATE ( todays date ) and the time difference between current time the StartDate is not less then 5 minutes, i have written the following code but it doesnt show me the time difference ?

SELECT * FROM table WHERE DATEDIFF(day, StartDate, GETDATE()) <= 0
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4 Answers

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SELECT StartDate
FROM table
AND (DATEDIFF(minute, StartDate, GETDATE()) >= 5
     DATEDIFF(minute, StartDate, GETDATE()) <= 5) 
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How about:

SELECT StartDate
    ,DATEDIFF(day, StartDate, GETDATE())
    ,DATEDIFF(minute, StartDate, GETDATE())
FROM table
WHERE DATEDIFF(day, StartDate, GETDATE()) <= 0
    AND DATEDIFF(minute, StartDate, GETDATE()) >= 5
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DATEDIFF(day, StartDate, GETDATE()) - wouldn't this return minus values for past days? Doesnt the user only want records for todays date? –  Curt Jul 28 '11 at 10:56
@Curt, it would return a negative for future starts. The first DATEDIFF ensures it is the same day (or future, I'm not sure why he put that in there). I considered putting an ABS in there, but the poster wasn't clear about what he was looking for. –  Cade Roux Jul 28 '11 at 11:02
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There are two ways to do it one being DateDiff the other is DATEADD. Judging by the way I read your question DateAdd should do it. Here is an example;

    SELECT *
  FROM [dbo].[TABLE]
  WHERE [LAST_UPDATE] > DATEADD(minute,-5,GetDate())
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Using BETWEEN is probably a little more optimal than two AND statements (maybe not). Try not to do a calculation on each row if you don't have to. Doing DATEADD only on the current date will only be calculated once.

        AND DATEADD(minute, -5, GETDATE())

I interpret the question as looking for rows where the date is today (between the start of today) but not within the last 5 minutes (and less than 5 minutes ago). That might not be what you were going for.

Hope that helps

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