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I am on heroku and have the Redis to go add-on, I am using it for store my translations and now I want to use it for Resque background jobs as well.

Can I use the same instance or should I configure another one?

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Although you can use a single instance for multiple purposes, I'd generally recommend setting up a separate instance - resource usage is more related to the amount of data than the number of instances, and if you later need different settings for one app, splitting them can be non-trivial.

Security and troubleshooting also need to be considered - you can restrict an application to accessing a specific port, but there aren't any lower level permissions available.

The choice may be a little different if you are using an overpriced hosted service that charges by instance rather than usage, but having the additional flexibility is probably still worthwhile.

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I can't speak specifically to Heroku's implementation of Redis, but in most cases there's nothing preventing you from using the same database. In fact, Resque assumes you might and uses the the redis-namespace gem for all of its redis keys. You could use the redis-namespace gem in your own application as well to keep every type of cache in a different namespace.

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